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Nodel Example Fucntions
# These functions create Actions, Events, and Parameters based the provided
# name and metadata.
def create_local_event(name, metadata=None)
def create_local_action(name, handler, metadata=None)
def create_remote_action(name, metadata=None, suggestedNode=None, suggestedAction=None)
def create_remote_event(name, handler, metadata=None, suggestedNode=None, suggestedEvent=None)
def Parameter(schemaDictOrJSONorTitle = None)
# These functions look for existing Actions, Events, and Parameters based on a
# string name. They return None if the Action/Event/Parameter could not be
# found.
def lookup_local_action(name)
def lookup_local_event(name)
def lookup_remote_action(name)
def lookup_remote_event(name)
def lookup_parameter(name)
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