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Every 2.0s: kubectl describe ingress Fri Apr 20 23:16:46 2018
Name: ingress
Namespace: default
Default backend: default-http-backend:80 (
Host Path Backends
---- ---- --------
/echo echo-server:80 (<none>)
/echo-2 echo-server-2:80 (<none>)
/ test-webserver:80 (<none>)
url-map: k8s-um-default-ingress--e940260f95a267b9
backends: {"k8s-be-30496--e940260f95a267b9":"Unknown","k8s-be-30877--e940260f95a267b9":
forwarding-rule: k8s-fw-default-ingress--e940260f95a267b9
target-proxy: k8s-tp-default-ingress--e940260f95a267b9
Type Reason Age From Message
---- ------ ---- ---- -------
Normal ADD 44m loadbalancer-controller default/ingress
Normal CREATE 43m loadbalancer-controller ip:
Normal Service 9m (x10 over 43m) loadbalancer-controller no user specified default backend,
using system default
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