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Last active Sep 12, 2015
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Logging configuration header for global/local levels in CocoaLumberjack (2.0.0)
// Created by DanSkeel on 23.04.15.
#import "CocoaLumberjack.h"
#define DS_LogScopeGlobal extern
#define DS_LogScopeLocal static
#define DS_LogMutableYes
#define DS_LogMutableNo const
#define DS_LogValueGlobal ;
#define DS_LogValueLocal(lvl) = lvl
#define DS_Setup_Log(scope, mutablility, value) scope mutablility DDLogLevel ddLogLevel value
/** To setup loggin enviroment for particular file use one of these macros
* @note Use CocoaLumberjack as usual (
* 1. just import DSLoggin.h in source file instead of CocoaLumberjack.h
* 2. Use one of these macros to setup loggin enviroment for the file.
* Note: there should one of these macros in EACH file that uses CocoaLumberjack macroses.
* @example To enable logging for file with globally defined level you can make convinient snippet:
* @code
* #import "DSLogging.h"
* DSLogLevelSetupGlobal
* @endcode
* Use @b SetupGlobal to setup files that will use global level from @p DSLogging.m file
* Use @b SetupMutableGlobal to be able to change global level at runtime (assign new level to ddLogLevel variable)
* Use @b Setup(DDLogLevel) to set local log level
* Use @b SetupMutable(DDLogLevel) to be able to modify local level at runtime ((assign new level to ddLogLevel variable))
* This approach preserves a lot of CocoaLumberjack advantages. See SO
* @remarks details: these macros just help you define/reference ddLogLevel value. So if you
* see warning about <i> undeclared identifier </i> it should remind you to use one of these macros in this file.
extern char optionClickMeToSeePrettyDoc;
#define DSLogLevelSetupMutableGlobal DS_Setup_Log(DS_LogScopeGlobal, DS_LogMutableYes, DS_LogValueGlobal)
#define DSLogLevelSetupGlobal DS_Setup_Log(DS_LogScopeGlobal, DS_LogMutableNo, DS_LogValueGlobal)
#define DSLogLevelSetupMutable(lvl) DS_Setup_Log(DS_LogScopeLocal, DS_LogMutableYes, DS_LogValueLocal(lvl))
#define DSLogLevelSetup(lvl) DS_Setup_Log(DS_LogScopeLocal, DS_LogMutableNo, DS_LogValueLocal(lvl))
// Created by DanSkeel on 23.04.15.
#import "DSLogging.h"
DDLogLevel ddLogLevel = DDLogLevelVerbose;
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