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So, ModMyClassic thought it fit to ban all the hakchi devs and act like the victims of the matter, but what they won't tell you is what went on in the past to cause the contentious relationship in the first place.

Things used to be fine at first, swingflip came in and made some useful contributions to the community, all is well, for now...

The mod store came along and it was a genuinely useful addition to hakchi2 ce, but there was one problem, it was controlled by primarily one person, swingflip...

He then made a copy of KMFDManic's cores, changed the credit line, and wanted him to contribute on this copy instead of swingflip just working with him on the original copy...

KMFDManic would have reddit posts removed, people trolling him, and most importantly, his cores weren't allowed onto the mod store, only the copies were.

This period is referred to by some ModMyClassic members as the Core Warz—a bit childish of course...

As such, this prompted the addition of a system into hakchi2 ce that would allow multiple sources of mods to easily be downloaded, KMFD's Mod Hub was born.

Some time later, Patton Plays—who was a member of ModMyClassic at the time—found out about the trolling and all the drama that had happened, he created a video exposing them, this explains a bit of additional drama that went on.

Shortly after this video was posted, swingflip deleted all of the chat history in public and developer channels under the guise of "spring cleaning", he then proceeded to say that backups were made, but when they were requested he later admitted that he lied.

After this, the mod store was removed with a single message stating "spring cleaning"

For a period of time, things were a little rough, but they eventually got better.

Once the Sega Mini came out, ModMyClassic announced an upcoming project dubbed Project Lunar, in the meantime, a version of hakchi was released for the system that allowed custom games via retroarch, but not with sega ui integration.

There was an issue that affected an extremely small percentage of users (less than 0.1%), members of ModMyClassic made this seem like a much bigger issue than it really was, they then advised people to not use hakchi.

Some time later, Project Lunar was released to internal testing, and later as a "public" (not really) beta, I requested access and was denied.

Eventually, the "stable" 1.0 build of project lunar was released, there were bugs of course, some of which damaged the system software to the point where others had to provide their software backup to fix them.

A little bit later, hakchi2 ce 3.7 was released, this included full sega ui integration and more, this was met with what appeared to be annoyance, but was generally accepted by ModMyClassic.

Some time later, KMFDManic was banned for something someone else said on a completely separate discord server, this didn't go over very well with him, so a video was made.

Later, the source code for Project Lunar was requested, it was provided, but with a crucial file omitted, this made the source code largely useless.

When this file was requested, it was mentioned that the missing file was a mistake.

Someone unknown then posted this screenshot in the chat, turns out swingflip was lying all along

The lie exposed
(As of July 31, 2020 there's still no folders in Project Lunar)

This prompted them to remove the screenshot of course, why would they want this message leaking out and "ruining" their repution...

They made a private discussion room to discuss the "hack" and it was revealed that the Butler bot API key had been misused to dump the chat, this prompted Thanos to immediately assume that I (DanTheMan827) must have done it because he mentioned that at one point he had accidentally given me access to a channel on the bot discord that contained the API key for what I presume was probably somewhere in the range of a few seconds to minutes, I of course didn't even notice this, but he was still insistent that it was me.

I had mentioned to him that it must've been someone with access to their dev server since that's where the bot was hosted, this didn't change their opinion even though it was likely the truth.

Eventually, the blame shifted to one of our team members since madmonkey had at one point graciously hosted the bot for Thanos.

A couple days went by, then I was banned.

Through various sources, I discovered that the #sega-support channel was renamed to #lunar-support, this made their intentions clear.

Some time later, more drama happened, some time later apologies were made and every member of ModMyClassic was unbanned from the Rockin' The Classics discord server.

As of May 20, 2020, no one has been unbanned from the ModMyClassic discord server even though every ModMyClassic member has been unbanned from the Rockin' The Classics discord server.

It also seems that CompCom is back developing stuff, but he's very short with me for some reason, I'm not quite sure why.

July 6, 2020, for context, here are the apologies that were made

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