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Setting Celestron hand controller time via NTP or RTC module
readonly serial=/dev/ttyS0
function getTime() {
# temporarily disable the ntp client
service ntp stop
# force an immediate time update; with timeout at 30s
timeout 30 ntpd -gq
# reenable ntp client
service ntp start
# if we couldn't get the time in 30s, give up; NOTE: comment out if you install a RTC module!
if [ ${code} != 0 ]; then exit; fi
function setTime() {
# set the serial port speed
stty -F ${serial} 9600
# get the date in the order the protocol calls for
dtm="$(date -u '+%_H %_M %_S %_m %_d %_y 0 0')"
# H is the command char; the following 8 bytes are the date/time
unset FORMAT
for i in {1..8}; do FORMAT="${FORMAT}${HEX}"; done
hex_text="$(printf "H${FORMAT}" ${dtm})"
echo "Writing time to HC: '${hex_text}' -> '${serial}'"
echo -ne "${hex_text}" > ${serial}
set -e
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