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Makefile command to use docker images for swagger2markdown piped to asciidoctor
# swagger2markup output fed to asciidoctor-pdf - all via published docker images
# The following is a Makefile command in the root of a web service repo with the following assumptions:
# ./swagger/v1/swagger.json is the swagger definition (created by rswag in my case)
# ./_docs/ is where we want the PDF and intermediate ADOC to live
# The ADOC file is pretty useful, but if you just want the PDF, it's a byproduct you might want to clean up
docker run --rm -v $(shell pwd):/opt swagger2markup/swagger2markup convert -i /opt/swagger/v1/swagger.json -f /opt/_docs/api-definition
docker run --rm -v $(shell pwd)/_docs:/documents/ asciidoctor/docker-asciidoctor asciidoctor-pdf api-definition.adoc
# To add configuration options for swagger2markup, create a file and specify with
# -c /opt/
# asciidoctor-pdf supports pretty extensive styling:
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Above is for a Unix environment. The same commands should work on Windows except for the $(shell pwd) bits, which are just about getting the full path to the current directory.

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