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Last active Sep 26, 2019
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Shows how to handle and switch multiple tabs in Sencha Test
// WebDriver scenario URL:
describe('Switching tabs', function() {
var tabIds, driver;
beforeAll(function() {
// This stores a reference to the underlying driver object
driver = ST.defaultContext.driver;
it('should click a button that opens a second tab', function() {
ST.button('contentPanel button[text="Medium"]:first')
it('should fetch all open browser tabs', function(done) {
.then(function(tabs) {
tabIds = tabs;
it('should switch tabs to second tab', function() {
driver.switchTab(tabIds[1]).then(function() {
// Check definitely referencing correct page
ST.getUrl(function(url) {
it('should do something in the other tab', function() {
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