View warptest.c
// gcc -Wall -o warptest `sdl2-config --cflags` warptest.c `sdl2-config --libs`
#include <stdio.h>
#include <SDL.h>
static FILE* outfile = NULL;
static void UpdateWinTitle(int accumX, int accumY, SDL_Window* win)
char buf[128];
View al_funcs.h
* All function names and corresponding pointer-to-function-types
* from the OpenAL headers, wrapped in a magic macro so it can be used for whatever.
* Idea for the magic X macro from Walter Bright:
* To use this, you have to #define the AL_X_MAGIC(fn, fnptrt)
* macro for the AL_H_FUNCS and ALC_H_FUNCS and the
* ALEXT_X_MAGIC(fn, fnptrt, ext) macro for the ALEXT_H_FUNCS and EFX_H_FUNCS
View GOG-Q2-Trackmapping.txt
GOG music/Track02.ogg to Track11.ogg => baseq2/music/02.ogg .. 11.ogg
Track12.ogg .. Track21.ogg => rogue/music/02.ogg .. 11.ogg
For xatrix it's like to following
(xatrix track number => Q2/Ground Zero(GZ) Track number => GOG Track number)
02 => Q2:09 => Track09
03 => GZ:03 => Track13
04 => GZ:04 => Track14
05 => Q2:07 => Track07
print_usage () {
echo "Usage: "
echo " $0 /path/to/setup_daikatana_2.0.0.3.exe"
print_bug_info () {
View TestMouseWarp.cpp
// This is mostly generated by Visual Studio 2013, I marked all places I changed/added with // DG: ...
// this probably doesn't build as is; I didn't know how to create a portable Visual Studio "solution"
// or which parts of the project folder are relevant..
// when running this, you can quit with Alt+F4
// TestMouseWarp.cpp : Defines the entry point for the application.
#include <windowsx.h>
View SDL_mouse.c
// in src/events/SDL_mouse.c added some SDL_Log() calls to SDL_PrivateSendMouseMotion():
#include "SDL_log.h"
static int
SDL_PrivateSendMouseMotion(SDL_Window * window, SDL_MouseID mouseID, int relative, int x, int y)
SDL_Mouse *mouse = SDL_GetMouse();
int posted;
int xrel;
int yrel;
View guess_libstdcpp_ver.c
* Try to find out the version on the (x86 or x86_64) Linux
* system this is executed on.
* (you could then use that information to decide whether to use LD_PRELOAD
* or LD_LIBRARY_PATH to make a C++ program launched from here use a newer
* version of that you provide)
* (C) 2017 Daniel Gibson
View testrapidjson.cpp
// this is hacky and assumes messages.json is <64k bytes. that's the case for
#include "rapidjson/document.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main(int argc, char** argv)
size_t numIterations = 1;
View vbox_osx_howto.txt
* On a Mac/other OSX VM, get El Capitan in AppStore
* Create install ISO with following script:
# Mount the Installer image
hdiutil attach /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ -noverify -nobrowse -mountpoint /Volumes/install_app
# Create El Capitan sparseimage of 7316mb with a Single Partition - Apple Partition Map
hdiutil create -o /tmp/ElCapitan -size 7316m -layout SPUD -fs HFS+J -type SPARSE
View daikatana_entities.json
"0 0 0"