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Autohotkey Capslock Remapping Script. Makes Capslock function as a modifier key to get cursor keys etc. on the left side of the keyboard, so you never have to move your hand to the right.
; Autohotkey Capslock Remapping Script
; Danik
; More info at
; Functionality:
; - Deactivates capslock for normal (accidental) use.
; - Hold Capslock and drag anywhere in a window to move it (not just the title bar).
; - Access the following functions when pressing Capslock:
; Cursor keys - J, K, L, I
; Enter - Space
; Home, PgDn, PgUp, End - U, O, Y, H
; Backspace and Del - N, M
; Insert - B
; Select all - A
; Cut, copy, paste - S, D, F
; Close tab, window - W, E
; Esc - R
; Next, previous tab - Tab, Q
; Undo, redo - , and .
; - Numpad at the right hand resting position when holding Ctrl+Shift+Alt (using keys m,.jkluio and spacebar)
; To use capslock as you normally would, you can press WinKey + Capslock
; This script is mostly assembled from modified versions of the following awesome scripts:
; # Home Row Computing by Gustavo Duarte: for
; Changes:
; - Does not need register remapping of AppsKey using SharpKeys.
; - Uses normal cursor key layout
; - Added more hotkeys for insert, undo, redo etc.
; # Get the Linux Alt+Window Drag Functionality in Windows:
; Changes: The only change was using Capslock instead of Alt. This
; also removes problems in certain applications.
SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOff
; Capslock + jkli (left, down, up, right)
Capslock & j::Send {Blind}{Left DownTemp}
Capslock & j up::Send {Blind}{Left Up}
Capslock & k::Send {Blind}{Down DownTemp}
Capslock & k up::Send {Blind}{Down Up}
Capslock & i::Send {Blind}{Up DownTemp}
Capslock & i up::Send {Blind}{Up Up}
Capslock & l::Send {Blind}{Right DownTemp}
Capslock & l up::Send {Blind}{Right Up}
; Capslock + uohy (pgdown, pgup, home, end)
Capslock & u::SendInput {Blind}{Home Down}
Capslock & u up::SendInput {Blind}{Home Up}
Capslock & o::SendInput {Blind}{End Down}
Capslock & o up::SendInput {Blind}{End Up}
Capslock & y::SendInput {Blind}{PgUp Down}
Capslock & y up::SendInput {Blind}{PgUp Up}
Capslock & h::SendInput {Blind}{PgDn Down}
Capslock & h up::SendInput {Blind}{PgDn Up}
; Capslock + asdf (select all, cut-copy-paste)
Capslock & a::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{a Down}
Capslock & a up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{a Up}
Capslock & s::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{x Down}
Capslock & s up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{x Up}
Capslock & d::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{c Down}
Capslock & d up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{c Up}
Capslock & f::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{v Down}
Capslock & f up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{v Up}
; Capslock + wer (close tab or window, press esc)
Capslock & w::SendInput {Ctrl down}{F4}{Ctrl up}
Capslock & e::SendInput {Alt down}{F4}{Alt up}
Capslock & r::SendInput {Blind}{Esc Down}
; Capslock + nm (insert, backspace, del)
Capslock & b::SendInput {Blind}{Insert Down}
Capslock & m::SendInput {Blind}{Del Down}
Capslock & n::SendInput {Blind}{BS Down}
Capslock & BS::SendInput {Blind}{BS Down}
; Make Capslock & Enter equivalent to Control+Enter
Capslock & Enter::SendInput {Ctrl down}{Enter}{Ctrl up}
; Make Capslock & Alt Equivalent to Control+Alt
!Capslock::SendInput {Ctrl down}{Alt Down}
!Capslock up::SendInput {Ctrl up}{Alt up}
; Capslock + TAB/q (prev/next tab)
Capslock & q::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{Tab Down}
Capslock & q up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{Tab Up}
Capslock & Tab::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{Shift Down}{Tab Down}
Capslock & Tab up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{Shift Up}{Tab Up}
; Capslock + ,/. (undo/redo)
Capslock & ,::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{z Down}
Capslock & , up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{z Up}
Capslock & .::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{y Down}
Capslock & . up::SendInput {Ctrl Up}{y Up}
; Make Capslock+Space -> Enter
Capslock & Space::SendInput {Enter Down}
; Numpad using Ctrl+Shift+Alt + m,.jkluio or space
+^!Space:: SendInput {Numpad0}
+^!m:: SendInput {Numpad1}
+^!,:: SendInput {Numpad2}
+^!.:: SendInput {Numpad3}
+^!j:: SendInput {Numpad4}
+^!k:: SendInput {Numpad5}
+^!l:: SendInput {Numpad6}
+^!u:: SendInput {Numpad7}
+^!i:: SendInput {Numpad8}
+^!o:: SendInput {Numpad9}
; Make Win Key + Capslock work like Capslock (in case it's ever needed)
If GetKeyState("CapsLock", "T") = 1
SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOff
SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOn
; Drag windows anywhere
; This script modified from the original:
; by The How-To Geek
Capslock & LButton::
CoordMode, Mouse ; Switch to screen/absolute coordinates.
MouseGetPos, EWD_MouseStartX, EWD_MouseStartY, EWD_MouseWin
WinGetPos, EWD_OriginalPosX, EWD_OriginalPosY,,, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
WinGet, EWD_WinState, MinMax, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
if EWD_WinState = 0 ; Only if the window isn't maximized
SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, 10 ; Track the mouse as the user drags it.
GetKeyState, EWD_LButtonState, LButton, P
if EWD_LButtonState = U ; Button has been released, so drag is complete.
SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, off
GetKeyState, EWD_EscapeState, Escape, P
if EWD_EscapeState = D ; Escape has been pressed, so drag is cancelled.
SetTimer, EWD_WatchMouse, off
WinMove, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%,, %EWD_OriginalPosX%, %EWD_OriginalPosY%
; Otherwise, reposition the window to match the change in mouse coordinates
; caused by the user having dragged the mouse:
CoordMode, Mouse
MouseGetPos, EWD_MouseX, EWD_MouseY
WinGetPos, EWD_WinX, EWD_WinY,,, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%
SetWinDelay, -1 ; Makes the below move faster/smoother.
WinMove, ahk_id %EWD_MouseWin%,, EWD_WinX + EWD_MouseX - EWD_MouseStartX, EWD_WinY + EWD_MouseY - EWD_MouseStartY
EWD_MouseStartX := EWD_MouseX ; Update for the next timer-call to this subroutine.
EWD_MouseStartY := EWD_MouseY

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JohnLunzer commented Jul 15, 2014

This is a great script to get started with. I was going to buy a compact keyboard but they are expensive. Now I feel like that is unnecessary. Thanks, yours is one of the only that I found that used the down/up paradigm to get everything working correctly. I'm already seeing an improvement to my workflow.


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z-gong commented Feb 4, 2015

Nice work. It's very convinient on a small notebook keyboard.


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ultrox commented Apr 26, 2015

thanks this is grate.


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rubo77 commented Aug 12, 2015

Maybe I can adapt parts to my alternative Keyboard

I already have the arrow keys and pg up and down on the right side quite similar with my autohotkey script there


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jeffreysbrother commented Feb 2, 2016

Do you know of a way to add a script like this as a startup item in Windows 10?


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Tobl4 commented Apr 14, 2016

@jeffreysbrother If you have ahk installed, you can compile the script via the context menu and then set up the resulting .exe to autostart like any other program.


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UniversalCorn commented Mar 29, 2018

Good job. Thanks.


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hoseong613 commented Apr 10, 2018

I was using xmodmap for linux and have been trying to find a solution. Works like a charm. Thanks.

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