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Remove all comments from GitHub Pull Request
// Sometimes it's necessary to do a bit of clean-up'.js-comment-delete button'), function(el, i) {
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thiagogabriel commented Mar 21, 2018

Still working. Thanks.

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nachtien commented Jun 7, 2018

Any luck on getting it to just hide the comments instead of deleting them?

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dienncrelipa commented Aug 2, 2018

Still working, perfect. Thanks

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haridsv commented May 12, 2020

This still works! We had a service user that logged a lot of spam comments on a PR, so I used this code to remove only those comments:

var comment_headers = document.querySelectorAll('.timeline-comment');
for (var i = 0; i < comment_headers.length; i++) {
    var button = comment_headers[i].querySelector('.js-comment-delete button');
    if (button) {
        if (comment_headers[i].querySelector('.author').text == '<service-account-name>') {

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druchoo commented Jul 8, 2020

Still works. If you have many comments that are folded, you'll need to expand them first.

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Trijeet commented Dec 2, 2020

Still works. Thanks.

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mimaty-lifull commented Jul 6, 2021

Still works. Thanks.

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kylechadha commented Jun 24, 2022

I wanted to resolve ~100 comments and was able to use this:'.js-resolvable-timeline-thread-form button'), function(el, i) {

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