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Created November 8, 2019 08:59
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Disable MacOS animations (faster experience)
To disable:
defaults write -g NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool false
defaults write -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled -bool false
defaults write -g NSWindowResizeTime -float 0.001
defaults write -g QLPanelAnimationDuration -float 0
defaults write -g NSScrollViewRubberbanding -bool false
defaults write -g NSDocumentRevisionsWindowTransformAnimation -bool false
defaults write -g NSToolbarFullScreenAnimationDuration -float 0
defaults write -g NSBrowserColumnAnimationSpeedMultiplier -float 0
defaults write autohide-time-modifier -float 0
defaults write autohide-delay -float 0
defaults write expose-animation-duration -float 0
defaults write springboard-show-duration -float 0
defaults write springboard-hide-duration -float 0
defaults write springboard-page-duration -float 0
defaults write DisableAllAnimations -bool true
defaults write DisableSendAnimations -bool true
defaults write DisableReplyAnimations -bool true
To undo the changes:
defaults delete -g NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled
defaults delete -g NSScrollAnimationEnabled
defaults delete -g NSWindowResizeTime
defaults delete -g QLPanelAnimationDuration
defaults delete -g NSScrollViewRubberbanding
defaults delete -g NSDocumentRevisionsWindowTransformAnimation
defaults delete -g NSToolbarFullScreenAnimationDuration
defaults delete -g NSBrowserColumnAnimationSpeedMultiplier
defaults delete autohide-time-modifier
defaults delete autohide-delay
defaults delete expose-animation-duration
defaults delete springboard-show-duration
defaults delete springboard-hide-duration
defaults delete springboard-page-duration
defaults delete DisableAllAnimations
defaults delete DisableSendAnimations
defaults delete DisableReplyAnimations
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