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Created December 14, 2015 20:58
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A gradle task to upload android build artifacts to dropbox
task pushDropbox << {
def outName;
if (System.getenv("GITLAB_CI")) {
outName = "app-debug-${System.getenv("CI_BUILD_REF_NAME")}-SNAPSHOT.apk"
} else {
outName = "app-debug.apk"
def artifact = project.file('build/outputs/apk/app-debug.apk')
def client = new RESTClient('')
def response =
path : "/1/files_put/auto/Company/Project/apk/${outName}",
body : artifact.bytes,
query: [overwrite: true, autorename: false],
headers: ['Authorization': 'Bearer <TOKEN>'],
requestContentType: ContentType.BINARY)
assert response.status == 200
pushDropbox.dependsOn assembleDebug
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Hey man thank you for the script but whenever I use it, it always give me Unauthorized
i use the aouth2 generated in dropbox
Any idea why this is happening

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