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express.js, simple dynamic route loading
//all of your express config stuff
var express = require('express')
, app = express()
//load api routes (app of the files from /api)
//rest of your expressjs stuff
//this goes inside a api folder or something
var fs = require('fs')
, path = require('path')
, routePath = path.resolve( __dirname )
, colors = require('colors');
//this little guy will grab all the files from the /api folder
//and load up the routes inside that file
exports.boot = function(app) {
fs.readdirSync(routePath).forEach(function(file) {
//we dont need to make a route for this current file
if(file !== 'index.js'){
var cleanPath = routePath + '/' + file.substr(0, file.indexOf('.'));
//resolving route for cross-platform
var route = path.resolve(cleanPath)
console.log('--Adding routes from: '.yellow + file)
//load the route
//example of an route
// put this inside that api folder too
var db = require('../config/db-schema')
, _ = require('underscore');
module.exports = function(app) {
//return a list of all team members
app.get('/api/teamMembers', function(req, res){
db.TeamMembers.find({}, function (err, members) {
if (err){
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