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Dason Kurkiewicz Dasonk

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Dasonk / monitor_object.R
Last active Dec 11, 2017
Function to create a function to use as a taskCallBack to monitor changes in objects easily
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#' Monitor objects using output
#' This creates a function that is meant to be used as a taskCallBack.
#' You can call the resulting function directly yourself when you want
#' to monitor changes but that isn't the intended use.
#' @param object_name Character string. The object name you want to montior
#' @param FUN function - The function used to monitor the object for changes.
#' The only time notifications will be messaged is when
#' the output from FUN changes.
Dasonk / normalProbabilities.R
Created Feb 20, 2014
How to calculate normal distribution probabilities in various languages
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# dnorm gives the pdf for the normal at x
# pnorm gives the cdf for the normal at x
# P(Z < 1)
# They also accept parameters to specify the mean and standard deviation
# X ~ N(mean = 2, sd = 4)
# P(X < 1)
pnorm(1, 2, 4)