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A simple Trie to find words that match a simple pattern
class TrieNode
def initialize
@sub_tries = {}
@end_of_word = false
def insert(input)
to_insert = input
# Convert input to array of chars if it's a string
to_insert = to_insert.split(//) if to_insert.is_a?(String)
# If to_insert is empty, we have reached the end of the word and add a
# end-of-word marker. Otherwise we would get partial words back when we're
# looking for a shorter word, for example "coverage", "cover?" => "covera"
if to_insert.empty?
@end_of_word = true
# Otherwise, create a sub_trie for the first character of the input and
# recursively insert the remainder of the word
cur_char = to_insert.shift
@sub_tries[cur_char] ||=
def find_words(word)
to_find = word
to_find = to_find.split(//) if to_find.is_a?(String)
# If to_find is empty, we reached the end of the template. If the
# end-of-word marker is set, we return the empty string, which will be
# prepended with the characters of the word as we move upwards in the trie.
# Otherwise we return the empty array, which results in no word being added
# to the results.
if to_find.empty?
return [''] if @end_of_word
return []
cur_char = to_find.shift
result = []
if cur_char == '?'
# Search all sub-tries for words matching the remainder of the template
# and add them to the results
@sub_tries.each_pair do |key, value|
result += value.find_words(to_find).map { |w| key + w }
elsif @sub_tries[cur_char]
# We have a sub-trie that matches the current character of the template.
# Recursively get all words that match the remainder of the template
# below that sub-trie.
result = @sub_tries[cur_char].find_words(to_find).map { |w| cur_char + w }
# We don't have anything that matches the template.
result = []
return result
DICTIONARY ='/usr/share/dict/usa').split("\n")
print "Building Trie... "
@root =
DICTIONARY.each { |word| @root.insert(word) }
puts "done."
puts "Searching trie..."
@root.find_words('?r?te').each do |word|
puts word
# $wc -l /usr/share/dict/usa
# 98569 /usr/share/dict/usa
# $time ruby trie.rb
# Building Trie... done.
# Searching trie...
# Crete
# brute
# crate
# grate
# irate
# orate
# prate
# trite
# write
# wrote
# real 0m3.561s
# user 0m3.303s
# sys 0m0.117s
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