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rtpmidi = require('rtpmidi'),
session = rtpmidi.manager.createSession({ localName: 'Axoloti', bonjourName: 'Axoloti RTP-MIDI Bridge (syso)', port: 5006 });
sp = require("serialport");
s = new sp.SerialPort("/dev/tty.usbmodem261", { baudrate: 115200 });
b = new Buffer(7);
session.on('message', function(deltaTime, message) {
new Buffer("AxoM").copy(b); new Buffer(message).copy(b,4); s.write(b);
session.connect({ address: '', port: 5004 });

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commented Apr 23, 2015

Axoloti RTP-MIDI Bridge

This little node.js application allows you to use RTP-MIDI compliant Software
to control your Axoloti.


  • nodejs
  • npm package manager


  • npm install serialport rtpmidi
  • clone this git repository to some working directory
  • Adjust /dev/tty.usbmodem261 in daemon.js to match your Axoloti's Serial Port Name (you can find it out using the Axoloti Editor)
  • run it: node daemon.js
  • connect to it using your favorite RTP-MIDI compatible software
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