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Verifying myself: My Bitcoin username is +davidmeade.
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Created Jun 6, 2014
Comment to FCC re: proceeding #14-28: "Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet"
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Below is the public comment to the FCC I submitted regarding Proceeding #14-28: "Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet". Submit your comment thru July 15th 2014 at:
1) Prohibit outright any and all ‘pay-for-priority’ / ‘fast lane’ / ‘tiered level’ access.
2) Reclassify ISPs / Broadband Access Providers as a Title II common carriers - to ensure that meaningful proactive net neutrality protections are directly enforceable.
3) Ensure that ‘mobile’ or ‘wireless’ access providers are included in, and bound by, meaningful net neutrality protections - including by way of the above bullet points.
As a consumer, I already pay my ISP for access to content. As a content producer I already pay for hosting and bandwidth. Allowing ISPs to further charge content providers for preferred 'levels of access' to consumers is unfair to both small content producers and to consumers.

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