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Created February 16, 2012 11:18
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Extending specifications
$I = new WebGuy();
$I->am('regular site user'); // As a regular user
$I->wantTo('create my blog page'); // I want to create my blog page
$I->lookForwardTo('get a cool blog here'); // So that I gain a cool blog
$I->createBlog('my first blog');
$I->see('My first blog', 'h1');
$I->expect("blog can't be created twice");
$I->createBlog('my first blog');
$I->dontSee('My first blog', 'h1');
$I->see('Sorry, blog already exists');
$I->expect("blog has RSS feed");
// TODO: implement this
$I->expect("am administrator of this blog");
// TODO: implement this
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