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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am davidbruant on github.
* I am davidbruant ( on keybase.
* I have a public key ASDRtwtQ7KodaLuXjvmeKe3ZfuK4e1n8JHa0oTbq2LbgYgo
To claim this, I am signing this object:
DavidBruant /
Created Oct 29, 2018
Github issue as problems

Github issues should be the description of a problem + optionnally a solution suggestion ( ^ this is the description of a solution. To which problem? ^ )

Only if someone else agrees on the problem a solution should be worked on

If an issue isn't a problem, someone helps reformulate the issue until :

  • it's the description of a problem
  • it's realized it's not a problem (or a duplicate problem)

Maybe nobody wants to spend time help reformulate


Potential topics to talk about at Seneca

  • Contributing in standards
    • ECMAScript 2015 and es-discuss
    • WHATWG, making @sandbox parallelizable
  • Contributing to the JS doc of MDN
  • Finance Transparence in Gironde
    • Front-end makes deployment easier
    • The complicated entrance of Open source and Open data in France Public Service
  • Open source in not enough: applying the code to all local administration
DavidBruant /
Created Dec 25, 2017
Installing gnome-calculator from source
git clone git://
cd gnome-calculator/
sudo apt-get install automake
sudo apt-get install intltool
2019 sudo apt-get install autopoint
2021 sudo apt-get install libtool
2023 sudo apt-get install mpfr
2025 sudo apt-get install libmpfr4-dev
2026 sudo apt-get install libmpfr-dev
View SSH wiki for

SSH Wiki for Ants


ssh user@ // Basic ssh connection
ssh user@ -p 33 // Using port 33
ssh user@ -v // log more info on connection
View territoires.txt
postgres=# select * from territoires;
created_at | updated_at | id | name | description | user_id
2016-07-06 11:35:33.315887+00 | 2016-07-06 11:35:33.315887+00 | 420d67eb-235b-4c0b-bf75-a7598df56b0b | cb | | a8d86ac9-89b1-4017-8760-4c61074b1f79
2016-07-06 15:40:11.201173+00 | 2016-07-06 15:40:11.201173+00 | 17b2e7f2-9a3a-4ced-9b5a-7c6fa8a7f857 | IC | IC and EE | c090d0aa-b71f-4332-b041-9985e0394a0e
2016-07-07 12:54:01.910133+00 | 2016-07-07 12:54:01.910133+00 | cea352d5-752e-4381-8de6-9b9543ab9a91 | Coeur de Forêt | | 3cf51bd6-d9dc-40a6-aabe-9ebbb8d46f3c
2016-07-08 10:15:35.118294+00 | 2016-07-08 10:15:35.118294+00 | a033691f-9bd4-482b-
View remember.js
"use strict";
function remember(...args){
const [key, value] = args;
if(args.length === 1){ // recall
return new Promise(resolve => {
setTimeout(() => {
const val = localStorage.getItem(key);

Isomorphic application engineering and URLs in Node.js

A good web application will make good use of URLs and browser history. This allows users to bookmark, use their browser history, etc. However, there are a number of considerations to have in mind when trying to have good URLs


  • Good URLs
    • Different objects should have different URLs. The level of granularity is left to the application creator
  • Consistency after a refresh
    • If a user navigate the application and hits refresh, they should see what they left or close enough
View content-blocking-list.txt