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SFTP upload with SSH.NET
const string host = "";
const string username = "chucknorris";
const string password = "norrischuck";
const string workingdirectory = "/highway/hell";
const string uploadfile = @"c:\yourfilegoeshere.txt";
Console.WriteLine("Creating client and connecting");
using (var client = new SftpClient(host, port, username, password))
Console.WriteLine("Connected to {0}", host);
Console.WriteLine("Changed directory to {0}", workingdirectory);
var listDirectory = client.ListDirectory(workingdirectory);
Console.WriteLine("Listing directory:");
foreach (var fi in listDirectory)
Console.WriteLine(" - " + fi.Name);
using (var fileStream = new FileStream(uploadfile, FileMode.Open))
Console.WriteLine("Uploading {0} ({1:N0} bytes)", uploadfile, fileStream.Length);
client.BufferSize = 4 * 1024; // bypass Payload error large files
client.UploadFile(fileStream, Path.GetFileName(uploadfile));
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