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David De Sloovere DavidDeSloovere

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blowdart / UpdateIISExpressSSLForChome.ps1
Last active Sep 21, 2019
IIS Express certs (for now) don't contain SAN strings. This makes Chrome unhappy. Make Chrome happy again with a new organic, artisanal, gluten free HTTPS certificate.
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# Create a new self signed HTTPS Certificate for IIS Express
# Crafted with all organic, GMO, gluten free ingreditations
# with an artisinal SAN to make Chrome 58 onwards happy.
# See
# Run this at an administrative PowerShell prompt.
# You will be prompted to trust a new certificate via a windows dialog.
# Click yes otherwise Visual Studio will not be able to determine your
pohatu / md2html.ps1
Created Jul 1, 2013
Use the GitHub markdown service to convert md to html via powershell.
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[CmdletBinding()] Param (
[Parameter(Position = 0, Mandatory = $True, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $True)]
function ConvertFrom-md($mdText){
$response = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri '' -Method Post -body "$mdText" -ContentType "text/plain"
jbtule / AESGCM.cs
Last active Jul 3, 2020
I have two code examples that I wrote for best practices encrypting a string in c#. They are both using authenticated encryption.
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* This work (Modern Encryption of a String C#, by James Tuley),
* identified by James Tuley, is free of known copyright restrictions.
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
xavierdecoster / register a myget feed.markdown
Last active Aug 30, 2018
Store MyGet credentials in your roaming user profile NuGet.config
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Execute the following script using your MyGet [feedUrl] and MyGet [username] , [password] and [apikey]. Run this from a commandline where you have access to nuget.exe (or set the path to your nuget.exe in a system environment variable).

Store credentials in machine-level nuget.config (non-transferable)

nuget setapikey [apikey] -source [feedUrl]
nuget sources add|update -Name [name] -source [feedUrl] -User [username] -pass [password]
DanTup / VS References Yuml.ps1
Last active Oct 4, 2015
Output Visual Studio project references for
View VS References Yuml.ps1
function Get-ProjectReferences
dir $rootFolder -Filter *.csproj -Recurse |
rdingwall / Global.asax.cs
Created Mar 10, 2012
camelCase + indented JSON formatter for ASP.NET Web API
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var config = GlobalConfiguration.Configuration;
// Replace the default JsonFormatter with our custom one
var index = config.Formatters.IndexOf(config.Formatters.JsonFormatter);
config.Formatters[index] = new JsonCamelCaseFormatter();
DavidDeSloovere / gist:1893621
Created Feb 23, 2012
Sample CacheAttribute for ASP.NET Web Api - i'm not saying this is the best way
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namespace ProjectName.WebApi.Infrastructure
using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Http.Headers;
using System.Web.Http.Filters;
public class CacheAttribute : ActionFilterAttribute
public CacheAttribute()
joshuaflanagan / nuget_tool.bat
Created Jun 24, 2011
Example batch file to execute a tool from a Nuget package
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REM This can be used for any .exe installed by a nuget package
REM Example usage: nuget_tool.bat nunit-console.exe myproject.tests.dll
FOR /R %~dp0\source\packages %%G IN (%TOOL%) DO (
joelnet / example.html
Created Jun 3, 2011
Unobtrusive Knockout support library for jQuery
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Choose a ticket class: <select id="tickets"></select>
<p id="ticketOutput"></p>
<script id="ticketTemplate" type="text/x-jquery-tmpl">
{{if chosenTicket}}
You have chosen <b>${ chosenTicket().name }</b>
($${ chosenTicket().price })
<button data-bind="click: resetTicket">Clear</button>
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