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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ibm852"?>
<file id="1" name="Program.cs" checksum="37df9326f7cf4eb71af8da665471962c" />
<method token="0x6000001" signature="System.Void Application.MainClass::Test1()">
<entry il="0x0" row="0" col="0" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x6" row="9" col="3" end_row="9" end_col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x7" row="10" col="4" end_row="10" end_col="22" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0xe" row="11" col="4" end_row="11" end_col="22" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x15" row="11" col="0" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x22" row="13" col="4" end_row="13" end_col="5" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x23" row="14" col="5" end_row="14" end_col="20" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x2a" row="15" col="5" end_row="15" end_col="23" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x3b" row="16" col="5" end_row="20" end_col="7" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x48" row="21" col="5" end_row="21" end_col="10" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x4f" row="22" col="5" end_row="22" end_col="32" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x5b" row="23" col="4" end_row="23" end_col="5" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x5c" row="23" col="0" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x69" row="25" col="4" end_row="25" end_col="5" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x6a" row="28" col="5" end_row="28" end_col="20" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x71" row="29" col="5" end_row="29" end_col="23" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x82" row="30" col="5" end_row="34" end_col="7" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x90" row="35" col="5" end_row="35" end_col="10" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x98" row="36" col="5" end_row="36" end_col="32" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0xa4" row="37" col="4" end_row="37" end_col="5" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0xa5" row="38" col="3" end_row="38" end_col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry name="CS$&lt;&gt;8__locals0" il_index="0" scope_ref="1" />
<entry name="CS$&lt;&gt;8__locals1" il_index="1" scope_ref="2" />
<entry name="a" il_index="2" scope_ref="2" />
<entry name="CS$&lt;&gt;8__locals2" il_index="3" scope_ref="3" />
<entry name="a" il_index="4" scope_ref="3" />
<entry index="0" start="0x0" end="0xa6" />
<entry index="1" start="0x15" end="0x5c" />
<entry index="2" start="0x5c" end="0xa5" />
<method token="0x6000002" signature="System.Void Application.MainClass::Main(System.String[])">
<entry il="0x0" row="41" col="3" end_row="41" end_col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x1" row="42" col="4" end_row="42" end_col="13" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x7" row="43" col="4" end_row="43" end_col="24" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0xd" row="44" col="3" end_row="44" end_col="4" file_ref="1" />
<locals />
<scopes />
<method token="0x6000005" signature="System.Void Application.MainClass/&lt;&gt;c__DisplayClass0_0::&lt;Test1&gt;b__0()">
<entry il="0x0" row="17" col="5" end_row="17" end_col="6" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x1" row="18" col="6" end_row="18" end_col="17" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x8" row="19" col="6" end_row="19" end_col="24" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x1b" row="20" col="5" end_row="20" end_col="6" file_ref="1" />
<locals />
<scopes />
<method token="0x6000008" signature="System.Void Application.MainClass/&lt;&gt;c__DisplayClass0_2::&lt;Test1&gt;b__1()">
<entry il="0x0" row="31" col="5" end_row="31" end_col="6" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x1" row="32" col="6" end_row="32" end_col="17" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x8" row="33" col="6" end_row="33" end_col="24" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x1b" row="34" col="5" end_row="34" end_col="6" file_ref="1" />
<locals />
<scopes />
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