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Created Oct 22, 2016
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<file id="1" name="Program.cs" checksum="bbd3d4ad615feba4f6c70c6754576ee7" />
<file id="2" name="AssemblyInfo.cs" checksum="0c44f9fe584faf3f4aa8c1c0a235cbe4" />
<file id="3" name=".NETFramework,Version=v4.5.AssemblyAttribute.cs" checksum="cc58f0db72c4326002e61b3a9d0137c9" />
<method token="0x6000001" signature="System.Void cp534534.MainClass::.ctor()">
<sequencepoints />
<locals />
<scopes />
<method token="0x6000002" signature="System.Void cp534534.MainClass::Main(System.String[])">
<entry il="0x0" row="9" col="3" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x1" row="10" col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x20" row="11" col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x21" row="11" col="25" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x2a" row="11" col="13" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x2e" row="11" col="32" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x2f" row="12" col="5" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x30" row="12" col="13" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x35" row="13" col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x36" row="11" col="25" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x43" row="15" col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x44" row="15" col="26" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x4f" row="15" col="13" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x56" row="15" col="33" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x57" row="16" col="5" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x59" row="16" col="13" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x5e" row="17" col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x5f" row="15" col="26" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x70" row="19" col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x71" row="19" col="26" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x7c" row="19" col="13" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x83" row="19" col="33" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x84" row="20" col="5" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x86" row="20" col="13" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x8b" row="21" col="4" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x8c" row="19" col="26" file_ref="1" />
<entry il="0x9d" row="22" col="3" file_ref="1" />
<entry name="array" il_index="0" scope_ref="0" />
<entry name="item" il_index="1" scope_ref="1" />
<entry name="item1" il_index="4" scope_ref="3" />
<entry name="item2" il_index="7" scope_ref="5" />
<entry index="0" start="0x20" end="0x43" />
<entry index="1" start="0x2a" end="0x36" />
<entry index="2" start="0x2e" end="0x35" />
<entry index="3" start="0x4f" end="0x5f" />
<entry index="4" start="0x43" end="0x70" />
<entry index="5" start="0x56" end="0x5e" />
<entry index="6" start="0x70" end="0x9d" />
<entry index="7" start="0x7c" end="0x8c" />
<entry index="8" start="0x83" end="0x8b" />
using System;
using System.Linq;
namespace cp534534
class MainClass
public static void Main(string[] args)
var array = new string[] { "a", "b", "c" };
foreach (var item in array) {
foreach (var item1 in array) {
foreach (var item2 in array) {
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