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Created Oct 17, 2016
Docker on Ubuntu VM on Hyper-V

There's network issues from inside of the containers if you don't do this. If you are deploying containers on Ubuntu VM on Hyper-V, then:

  • run nm-tool on the Ubuntu VM and pick any one of the DNS addresses in the output

  • sudo vi /etc/default/docker and add the DNS ip to DOCKER_OPTS parameter.

  • sudo service docker restart

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git checkout master
git checkout -b mybranch
git add myfile
git commit -m "add myfile"
git format-patch master --stdout > addmyfile.patch
git checkout master
git checkout -b myotherbranch
cat addmyfile.patch | git am --signoff
View Linear-feedback shift register
public class LFSR
int _n;
// provide seed value which determines the sequence
public LFSR(int n)
_n = n;
View Change color of powershell text
= "DarkBlue"
= "White"