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Adding segment group functionality to analytics npm package. See the docs
import Analytics from 'analytics'
import segmentPlugin from '@analytics/segment'
const originalSegmentInstance = segmentPlugin({
writeKey: '123-xyz'
// Extend originalSegmentInstance with custom methods
const enchancedSegmentInstance = Object.assign({}, originalSegmentInstance, {
methods: {
// add method
group(groupId, traits = {}, options = {}, callback) {
const analyticsInstance = this.instance
// If no segment, return early
if (typeof === 'undefined') {
// Make group call to segment, traits, options, callback)
// Initialize analytics instance with plugins
const analytics = Analytics({
app: 'your-app-name',
plugins: [
// Usage:
// Now you can call in your app like so'one', 'two', 'three')
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