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Nicer try/catch for async await.
/* Helper buddy for removing async/await try/catch litter 🗑 */
function O_o(promise) {
return promise.then(data => {
if (data instanceof Error) return [data]
return [null, data]
}).catch(err => [err])
/* Look ma, no try/catch */
async function usageExample(params) {
const [ err, data ] = await O_o(myPromise(params))
if (err) {
// handle or throw err
throw new Error(err)
// Do stuff with data
return data
/* Normal promise */
function myPromise(params) {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
callbacker(params, (error, data) => {
if (error) return reject(error)
return resolve(data)
/* Normal callback */
function callbacker(params, cb) {
return cb(null, params)
// Run the thing
const params = {lol: 'true'}
usageExample(params).then((result) => {
console.log('result', result)
}).catch((err) => {
console.log('error', err)

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commented Apr 23, 2019

For your consideration:

const doOrDoNot = (result) =>
  result instanceof Error
    ? [result]
    : [null, result]

const thereIsNoTry = (promise) =>
    .then(resolve, resolve)

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commented Apr 24, 2019

Updated based on @gunar's library

I think one of the biggest cons of the above code is it could swallow syntax errors and other bits that would be very hard to debug if you miss an error.

This way there is one try/catch top level and a more granular way of handling the data/business logic errors

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