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Last active December 1, 2020 20:44
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[OGRE 2.1] Rendering text to a 3D object

Hello everyone,

My team and I are working on rendering text onto the surface of a 3D object.

We need the ability re-render the texture at runtime as the text changes.

Our current approach is to:

  • Create a Texture -> textureManager.createTexture()
  • Write text onto the texture -> [project-specific code]
  • Create a Datablock -> hlmsPbs.createDatablock()
  • Set the Texture as the diffuse texture in the datablock -> datablock.setTexture()
  • Set the Datablock on an Item for rendering -> item.setDatablock()

Question 1: Is this a sane approach?

Question 2: Is there any sample code for how to correctly call datablock.setTexture()? We are having trouble with this step.

We have successfully rendered text onto a texture, verified by calling image.convertFromTexture(),

We have successfully used datablock.setDiffuse() to apply a color to an Item, but we have yet to change an Item's texture by calling datablock.setTexture().


FYI: We began our journey by following this OGRE 1.X example:


Please let me know if either:

A. Our approach is fundamentally flawed.
B. You need more information on our implementation to identify the particular issue.

Thank you very much!

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