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function np_replace_howdy($wp_admin_bar){
//New text to replace Howdy
$new_text = 'Welcome';
//Call up the 'my-account' menu node for current values.
$my_account = $wp_admin_bar->get_node('my-account');
//Replace the 'Howdy' with new text with string replace
$new_title = str_replace('Howdy', $new_text, $my_account->title);
//Rebuild the menu using the old node values and the new title.
'id' => $my_account->id,
'parent' => $my_account->parent,
'title' => $new_title,
'href' => $my_account->href,
'group' => $my_account->group,
'meta' => array(
'class' => $my_account->meta['class'],
'title' => $my_account->meta['title'],
add_action('admin_bar_menu', 'np_replace_howdy', 999);
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