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# localhost -> AWS EC2 linux -> Docker running on that -> R
# dm_create() and dm_ip() are from an unreleased R pkg I whipped up, dockermachinery
# Creates 1 t2.micro EC2 instance
dm_create("amazonec2", "dockertest")
# Get the ip
ip <- dm_ip("dockertest")
# Sadly, it shoves the pem file here, and we don't have any option to use our own.
# (technically there is a way, but it's broken according to the internet)
ssh_private_key_file <- "/Users/davisvaughan/.docker/machine/machines/dockertest/id_rsa"
# This is the rscript command necessary to run a future command
# It downloads rocker/r-base and starts up a fresh container each time
# net host is necessary to be able to connect back up to my localhost.
rscript <- c("sudo", "docker", "run", "--net=host", "rocker/r-base", "Rscript")
# Connect!
cl <- makeClusterPSOCK(
## Public IP number of EC2 instance
## User name (always 'ubuntu')
user = "ubuntu",
## Use private SSH key registered with AWS
rshopts = c(
"-o", "StrictHostKeyChecking=no",
"-o", "IdentitiesOnly=yes",
"-i", ssh_private_key_file
rscript = rscript,
## Set up .libPaths() for the 'ubuntu' user and
## install future/purrr/furrr packages
rscript_args = c(
"-e", shQuote("local({p <- Sys.getenv('R_LIBS_USER'); dir.create(p, recursive = TRUE, showWarnings = FALSE); .libPaths(p)})"),
"-e", shQuote("if (!requireNamespace('furrr', quietly = TRUE)) install.packages('furrr')")
dryrun = FALSE
plan(cluster, workers = cl)
future_map(1:5, ~.x)
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