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Created February 17, 2017 08:34
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How to use sshuttle with .key, .csr or .pem files for authentication
#It's not directly mentioned in the documentation on how to do this, so here you go. This command will tunnel everything including DNS:
sshuttle --dns -vr 0/0 --ssh-cmd 'ssh -i /your/key/path.pem'
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eit commented Nov 21, 2019


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tonsV2 commented Jul 18, 2020

If you have an entry referencing the key for the server in .ssh/config all you need to do is:

sshuttle --dns -vr user@server 0/0 --ssh-cmd 'ssh'

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alexgtn commented Jan 19, 2022


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Thank you so much!

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You may try this command, given that your remote server is defined in .ssh/config as myserver where is your server's IP.
sshuttle --dns -r myserver 0/0 -x

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