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Limb Dropper Readme

Welcome to the readme for the Limb Dropper 2.0 scripts.


Make sure that the item is modify and copy before you start!

  1. Take a copy of the limb or item you want to drop on removal and rez it out on the floor.

  2. Put the DroppedLimb.lsl script in the copy.

  3. Take it back into the inventory.

  4. Rez the attachment that will drop the limb.

  5. Put the "Dropped item" object in the attachment.

  6. Put the LimbDropper.lsl into the attachment.

    • Incase it's a fully rigged mesh make sure to link a transparent prim to the limb as the non-root prim to act as a click surface as rigged meshes can't be clicked.
    • Incase you linked the prim, now would be a good time to size and move it properly.
  7. Done!

Advanced usage

There's a bunch of descriptions you can set in the attached object to change behaviour of the script:


linknum allows you to set the linknumber that gets alpha'd. The default is -4 (Which is LINK_THIS).


time allows you to change the time the limb or item will stay alpha'd and rezzed.


name allows you define a name that will be broadcasted on a channel -0xBEEF, this also enables integration with the Nanite Systems Controllers for authentication. If name is set, and a NS controller is found, it will switch to authenticated only mode. This means only users specified in the controller will be able to use it.


atos allows you to set the HP threshold for ATOS integration. If your NS Controller's health drops below this it will automatically drop the limb and you won't be able to manually reattach it. It will reattach once the controller is equal to or higher than the specified threshold.

All these need to be lower case and follow the following syntax in the description: linknum=1//name=rightarm//time=360
!!Note that you should rez it on the ground before changing the description or SL will reset it!!

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