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struct Renderable { virtual ~Renderable() {} };
struct SelfRenderable : Renderable {
virtual void Render(Renderer& render) = 0;
class Renderer {
com_ptr<ID3D10Device> device;
std::unordered_map<std::type_index, std::function<void(Renderer& renderer, const Renderable& renderable)>> rendering_functions;
void Render(Renderable& renderable) {
if (rendering_functions.find(typeid(renderable)) ! rendering_functions.end())
return rendering_functions[typeid(renderable)](*this, renderable);
if (auto self = dynamic_cast<SelfRenderable*>(&renderable))
return self->Render(*this);
void RenderText(std::string text, Rectangle where) { ... }
void RenderImage(Image i, Rectangle where) { ... }
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