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Settings Example
package settings
import (
// App holds onto the application specific configurations.
type App struct {
Database Database `json:"database"`
Ping Ping `json:"ping"`
// Database holds onto the Database specific configurations.
type Database struct {
Table string `json:"table"`
DSN string `json:"dsn"` // CBA to break down the dumb fields.
Driver string `json:"driver"` // used for testing, mostly.
// Ping holds onto the Ping specific configurations.
type Ping struct {
Locations []string `json:"locations"`
// Load loads the settings.
func Load() (App, error) {
var app App
if err := godotenv.Load(); err != nil {
// We don't care if an .env is missing, it will be in prod.
if !os.IsNotExist(err) {
return app, err
if err := envconfig.Process("dropout", &app); err != nil {
return app, err
return app, nil
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