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DeanPDX / main.dart
Created January 25, 2023 18:42
Dart Null Helper Demo
void main() {
// Can return null item
var item = getItem(true);
print(emptyIfNull(item?.name)); // Prints "empty"
var notNull = getItem(false);
print(emptyIfNull(notNull?.name)); // Prints "Hello!"
// Demo class

In my environment I don't want to delete master/test:

alias gitda="git branch --merged| egrep -v \"(^\*|master|test)\" | xargs git branch -d"

Windows 10 - Using Git Bash With TMUX

Why Not Use WSL?

I tried the WSL and it isn't quite seamless enough for me. I ran in to problems when editing in VSCode and having watchers on my files (ng serve, dotnet watch run, etc.). In addition, I kept running in to problems that only manifest themselves when running in WSL. For example, this issue with doing production builds and the terser plugin has made many a developer rage-quit on using WSL. Just figuring out that it was an issue with the WSL took a lot of time.

That terser plugin issue was never resolved and I ended up having to keep a git bash window open in addition to my WSL console window so I could do production builds. To make matters worse, my npm packages were platform-dependent so I couldn't use the same project folder. So, my procedure was: commit whatever changes to test branch, push to repo, git pull on my "windows" project folder, and do a production build there