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Last active May 4, 2019
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mixer_paths.xml for samsung p4wifi
<!-- Disabled on init -->
<ctl name="Headphone Switch" value="0" />
<ctl name="Speaker Switch" value="0" />
<ctl name="MIXINL IN1L Switch" value="0"/>
<ctl name="MIXINR IN1R Switch" value="0"/>
<!-- AIF1->DAC1 -->
<ctl name="DAC1 Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="DAC1L Mixer AIF1.1 Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="DAC1R Mixer AIF1.1 Switch" value="1"/>
<!-- DAC1->Headphone -->
<ctl name="Left Headphone Mux" value="DAC"/>
<ctl name="Right Headphone Mux" value="DAC"/>
<!-- DAC1->Speaker -->
<ctl name="SPKL DAC1 Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="SPKR DAC1 Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="SPKL Boost SPKL Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="SPKL Boost SPKR Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="Speaker Mixer Volume" value="1"/>
<!-- IN1LN/P (main mic) -> IN1L PGA with +30dB -->
<ctl name="IN1L PGA IN1LP Switch" value="0"/>
<ctl name="IN1L PGA IN1LN Switch" value="0"/>
<ctl name="MIXINL IN1L Volume" value="1"/>
<ctl name="IN1L Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="IN1L Volume" value="23" />
<!-- IN1RN/P (headset mic) -> IN1R PGA with +30dB -->
<ctl name="IN1R PGA IN1RP Switch" value="0"/>
<ctl name="IN1R PGA IN1RN Switch" value="0"/>
<ctl name="MIXINR IN1R Volume" value="1"/>
<ctl name="IN1R Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="IN1R Volume" value="23" />
<!-- ADC -> AIF1 -->
<ctl name="AIF1ADC1L Mixer ADC/DMIC Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="AIF1ADC1R Mixer ADC/DMIC Switch" value="1"/>
<!-- These are commonly used control sequences -->
<path name="dac1">
<ctl name="DAC1R Mixer AIF1.1 Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="DAC1L Mixer AIF1.1 Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="DAC1 Switch" value="1" />
<path name="eq-speaker">
<ctl name="AIF1DAC1 EQ Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="AIF1DAC1 EQ1 Volume" value="3" />
<ctl name="AIF1DAC1 EQ2 Volume" value="8" />
<ctl name="AIF1DAC1 EQ3 Volume" value="16" />
<ctl name="AIF1DAC1 EQ4 Volume" value="10" />
<ctl name="AIF1DAC1 EQ5 Volume" value="11" />
<path name="eq-headphone">
<ctl name="AIF1DAC1 EQ Switch" value="0" />
<path name="headphones">
<path name="dac1" />
<ctl name="Headphone Switch" value="1" />
<path name="eq-headphone" />
<path name="speaker">
<path name="dac1" />
<ctl name="Speaker Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="SPKR DAC1 Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="SPKL DAC1 Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="Speaker Mixer Volume" value="3" />
<ctl name="Speaker Boost Volume" value="5" />
<!-- <ctl name="AIF1DRC1 Mode" value="Speakers Media" /> -->
<ctl name="AIF1DAC1 DRC Switch" value="1" />
<path name="eq-speaker" />
<!-- <path name="adc-to-aif1adc">
<ctl name="AIF1ADC1L Mixer ADC/DMIC Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="AIF1ADC1R Mixer ADC/DMIC Switch" value="1" />
<path name="headset-mic">
<ctl name="MIXINR IN1R Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="MIXINR IN1R Volume" value="1" />
<ctl name="IN1R Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="AIF1ADCL Source" value="Right" />
<path name="adc-to-aif1adc" />
<!-- These are useful named paths -->
<!-- Playback paths -->
<path name="media-speaker">
<path name="speaker" />
<ctl name="Speaker Volume" id="0" value="61" />
<ctl name="Speaker Volume" id="1" value="62" />
<path name="media-headphones">
<path name="headphones" />
<ctl name="Headphone Volume" value="35" />
<!-- Capture paths -->
<path name="media-main-mic">
<ctl name="MIXINL IN1L Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="IN1L PGA IN1LN Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="AIF1ADCL Source" value="Right" />
<ctl name="AIF1ADCR Source" value="Right" />
<path name="media-headset-mic">
<ctl name="MIXINR IN1R Switch" value="1"/>
<ctl name="IN1R PGA IN1RN Switch" value="1" />
<ctl name="AIF1ADCL Source" value="Left" />
<ctl name="AIF1ADCR Source" value="Left" />
<config card-name="wm8994aif1" ctl-device="hw:wm8994aif1">
<use-case name="HiFi"
description="Play HiFi quality Music"
<!-- Playback devices -->
<device name="Speaker"
description="Speaker Rx device"
<path name="media-speaker" />
<conflict name="Headphones" />
<device name="Headphones"
description="Headset Rx device"
<path name="media-headphones" />
<conflict name="Speaker" />
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