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@DeeJayTC DeeJayTC/getData.cs
Last active Feb 15, 2019

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// Get all people in installation
var people = client.Projects.People.GetPeopleAsync();
// Get status updates by people in installation
var latestStatusMessages = client.Projects.People.GetPeopleStatusAsync();
// Find a person by email
var personByMail = client.Projects.People.GetPersonByMailAsync("");
// Get all active Projects
var projects = client.Projects.Projects.GetAllProjectsAsync(OnlyStarredProjects?)
// Get a specific project and its details by id
var project = client.Projects.Projects.GetProject(theID);
// You can chose to include tasks, milestones, people etc here
// Get all boards of a project
var boards = client.Projects.Boards.GetProjectBoardssAsync(theId);
// return time tracking totals for a given project and user
var totals = client.Projects.Time.GetTotals_Project(project,userid)
// Search for anything in Projects
// first param is the search term
// second is the type we are searching for
// available types are task, project, comment, message, notebook, person
var results = client.Projects.Projects.Search("Whatever we want to search for", "task")
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