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Last active Feb 15, 2019
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// Create a new TodoItem instance
var newTask = new TodoItem() {
Description = "This is a new task we want to add",
Content = "The Title for my new task"
// And add it as task to a project
// tasklist id can be left blank, the task will be added to an "Inbox" tasklist
// also we can add it as a subtask and assign the parenttask
var result = await client.Projects.Projects.AddTodoItem(
pTodoItem: newTask,
pProjectId: TheProjectId,
pTaskListId: TheTaskListId
pIsSubTask: IsSubTask
pParentTask: ParentTask);
//if we want to we can complete our newly created task right away,
//the result will be the taskid of the newly created task
var ok = await client.Projects.Tasks.CompleteTask(result.Id);
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