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Jeff Deeheks

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Deeheks / ShadowSettingsAdjuster.cs
Created May 3, 2023 00:24 — forked from DaEgi01/ShadowSettingsAdjuster.cs
Cities Skylines - Shadow Settings Adjuster
using Harmony;
using ICities;
using System;
using System.Reflection;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Rendering;
namespace ShadowSettingsAdjuster
/// <summary>
Deeheks / Large Decal Script with textures reimport.cs
Last active October 31, 2019 03:51
No need to create a new prop each time you want to reimport a decal. This is Boformer's Decal Script modified using parts of Ronyx RealTime mod code.
// Script based off @boformer script called "Large Decals"
// In addition to making the decal size and slope tolerance,
// this script looks for textures called decal_a.png or decal_d.png (etc)
// in the textures folder and replace them if they are found.
// Textures import code taken from the RealTime mod code (@Ronyx69).
// Warning: Do not save vehicles after running this script without a game restart!