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Created November 7, 2014 07:19
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Links from Hangout session with Slava Kim - - social app, combine gif search with your own list in Buzzfeed style Ralph - mobile, cordova, chat, location-based:!topic/meteor-talk/Fc9vH6Lk6lk - CRM and Recruiting enterprisy tool - webapp, build your own timeline/schedule as a freelancer Telescope - - nuff said - personal site - mitar's pdf library with anotations - a tool for building presentations in markdown - ecommerce product - resume timeline builder - presentation viewer - the crud app for viewing upcoming meetups - a super-slick minimalist itinerary tool, for planning a grand day out, collating cats, and everything in between - TheBrain.Pro uses spaced repetition algorithm to help students learn quicker and easily retain knowledge. - 3d blocks editor

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