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Denyerec / gist:130dc774cec35c63678e331e9203a9e9
Created Mar 3, 2017
AHK Bind for Tap/Doubletap keybinding
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;Tap 0 - Select RGB Layer (Ctrl+2)
;Double tap 0 - Select Layermask (Ctrl + \ )
if numzero_presses > 0 ; SetTimer already started, so we log the keypress instead.
numzero_presses += 1
; Otherwise, this is the first press of a new series. Set count to 1 and start timer
numzero_presses = 1
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#IfWinActive, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Library
; LR 5.7
!Up::ControlClick, Button73,,,,2, NA ; Exposure up 1/3
!Down::ControlClick, Button72,,,,2, NA ; Exposure down 1/3
^!Right::ControlClick, Button40,,,,2, NA ; Temp up 1/3
^!Left::ControlClick, Button39,,,,2, NA ; Temp Down 1/3
+^!Right::ControlClick, Button44,,,,2, NA ; Temp up 1/3
+^!Left::ControlClick, Button43,,,,2, NA ; Temp Down 1/3
Denyerec / Page.html
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Fixing column widths in BE Flux Grid without "style" attribute.
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<flux:grid.column colPos="3" colspan="1" name="Testimonial Block" colspan="1" />
<flux:grid.column colPos="0" colspan="2" rowspan="2" name="Main Content" colspan="2" />
<flux:grid.column colPos="1" colspan="1" name="Sidebar Content" colspan="1" />
Denyerec / gist:10020196
Created Apr 7, 2014
locallang.xlf Sample
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<xliff version="1.0">
<file source-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages"
date="2014-03-31" product-name="YourProviderExtensionName">
<trans-unit id="flux.mycontentfce">
<source>Teaser Menu</source>
<trans-unit id="flux.mycontentfce.description">
Denyerec / gist:10020123
Created Apr 7, 2014
New Fluidcontent FCE
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{namespace v=Tx_Vhs_ViewHelpers}
{namespace flux=FluidTYPO3\Flux\ViewHelpers}
<f:layout name="Content"/>
<div xmlns=""
<f:section name="Configuration">
Denyerec / gist:9930644
Created Apr 2, 2014
Basic Image rendering in frontend from Fluid Template
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{namespace v=Tx_Vhs_ViewHelpers}
{namespace flux=FluidTYPO3\Flux\ViewHelpers}
<f:layout name="Page" />
<div xmlns="" lang="en"
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{namespace v=Tx_Vhs_ViewHelpers}
{namespace flux=FluidTYPO3\Flux\ViewHelpers}
<f:layout name="Content" />
<f:section name="Configuration">
<flux:form id="teasermenucontent"
icon="{v:extension.path.resources(path: 'Icons/Page.gif')}">
<!-- Insert fields, sheets, grid, form section objects etc. here, in this flux:flexform tag -->