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diff --git a/phpBB/language/en/viewforum.php b/phpBB/language/en/viewforum.php
--- a/phpBB/language/en/viewforum.php
+++ b/phpBB/language/en/viewforum.php
@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@
'NO_NEW_POSTS_HOT' => 'No new posts [ Popular ]', // Not used anymore
'NO_NEW_POSTS_LOCKED' => 'No new posts [ Locked ]', // Not used anymore
'NO_READ_ACCESS' => 'You do not have the required permissions to view or read topics within this forum.',
+ 'NO_FORUMS_IN_CATEGORY' => 'This category has no forums.',
'NO_UNREAD_POSTS_HOT' => 'No unread posts [ Popular ]',
'NO_UNREAD_POSTS_LOCKED' => 'No unread posts [ Locked ]',
diff --git a/language/en/viglink_module_acp.php b/language/en/viglink_module_acp.php
--- a/language/en/viglink_module_acp.php
+++ b/language/en/viglink_module_acp.php
@@ -50,5 +50,5 @@
'ACP_VIGLINK_CLAIM' => 'Claim your earnings',
'ACP_VIGLINK_CLAIM_EXPLAIN' => 'You can claim your forum’s earnings from VigLink monetised links, instead of donating the earnings to the phpBB project. To manage your account settings, sign up for a “VigLink Convert” account by clicking on “Convert account”.',
'ACP_VIGLINK_CONVERT_ACCOUNT' => 'Convert account',
- 'ACP_VIGLINK_NO_CONVERT_LINK' => 'VigLink convert account link could not be retrieved.'
+ 'ACP_VIGLINK_NO_CONVERT_LINK' => 'VigLink convert account link could not be retrieved.',
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