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View heroku_deployment_from_rails_setup.txt
# Create a free heroku account if you don't have one already
# pick app you want to deploy (it can't be that is on sql, has to be postgresql) OR create a new app
** if your app was created in sql, to change to postgres is a bit involved, get help **
# create new app
# choose name for app
# install toolbelt (only need this once, if it is a new computer install again, there is a link on heroku to download)
View add_custom_url_to_heroku_app_from_go_daddy.txt
# GoDaddy Account > Domain Manager > DNS Management
# Domain Settings > Manage DNS > Records =>
Add >
Host: *
Points to:
TTL: 1 hour
Add >
Host: appnamesecure
Points to:
View adding_go_daddy_custom_url_to_github_website.txt
In GoDaddy =>
Go to "Manage my Domains"
Next to your domain, click on the Settings Sprocket Drop down and select "Manage DNS"
At the bottom of the "Records" Section, click "ADD"
Type: A
Host: @
Points to:
* Leave TTL as is
Click "ADD" again to add another record:
View rails_setup_notes.txt
#Creating an app called my_great_app
rails new my_great_app -T -d postgresql --skip-turbolinks
cd my_great_app
git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit. Rails boilerplate."
# Edit gemfile
# #Remove the reference to coffee-rails.
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