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Dierk König Dierk

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Dierk / MultipleButtonsDemo.groovy
Created Jan 1, 2017
GroovyFX: factory methods for a composite view
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import static groovyx.javafx.GroovyFX.start
Demo of using methods to create multiple nodes (here Buttons) as a composite view and use those
factory methods multiple times.
@author Dierk Koenig
start {
sgb = delegate
Dierk /
Created Dec 8, 2016
AntHill simulation using Frege STM
module Ants where
import STM
import Control.Concurrent (forkIO, forkOS)
import Data.List (!!, nub, sortBy)
import System.Random
Dierk / Counter.tsx
Last active Dec 3, 2016
A graphical multiplication table in Typescript/React. See live at
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import * as React from "react";
export interface HelloProps { compiler: string; framework: string; }
export interface HelloState { slices: number; table: number }
export class Hello extends React.Component<HelloProps, HelloState> {
constructor(props: HelloProps) {
this.state = { slices:10, table:2 }
Dierk / Counter.elm
Last active Dec 1, 2016
A graphical multiplication table written in elm (see Counter.purs for the same in purescript). Live:
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import Html exposing (Html, button, div, text)
import Html.App as App
import Html.Events exposing (onClick)
import Svg exposing (svg, circle, line)
import Svg.Attributes exposing (..)
import List exposing (map, (::))
main =
App.beginnerProgram { model = state, view = view, update = update }
Dierk / Counter.purs
Last active Nov 26, 2016
A graphical multiplication table written in PureScript/Pux, try at
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module App.Counter where
import Prelude (($), (+), (-), (*), (/), (>), const, show)
import Data.Array ((..), (:), mapWithIndex)
import Data.Int (toNumber, floor)
import Math (sin, cos, pi )
import Pux.Html (Html, div, span, button, text, canvas, svg, circle, line )
import Pux.Html.Attributes (width, height, viewBox, cx, cy, r, fill, x1, y1, x2, y2, stroke, strokeWidth)
import Pux.Html.Events (onClick)
Dierk / Main.purs
Created Nov 14, 2016
Monoidal Fizzbuzz in Purescript
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module Main where
import Control.Monad.Eff.Console (log)
import Data.List.Lazy (take, zipWith, fromFoldable, cycle, iterate, foldr)
import Data.Monoid (mempty, (<>))
import Data.Maybe (Maybe(..), fromMaybe)
import Prelude ( show, map, ($), (+))
main = do
View Iterate.groovy
// Haskell-style iterate function in Groovy
Closure iterate(def value, Closure nextValue) {
return { value = nextValue value }
// use for iteration
def iter = iterate(0) { it + 1}
Dierk /
Last active Mar 22, 2016
adding numbers one to ten can easily lead to random results when done in parallel
import java.util.Optional;
import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicInteger;
import java.util.function.Supplier;
public class RNG {
static Supplier<Integer> countGen(AtomicInteger i) {
return (()-> i.getAndIncrement());
Dierk /
Created Feb 4, 2016
A silly clock using Frege STM
module SillyClock where
import STM
import Control.Concurrent
type Counter = TVar Int
newCounter :: STM Counter
newCounter = 0
Dierk /
Created Aug 17, 2015
an impure parallel stream that should only map but actually serves as random number generator
import java.util.*;
import java.util.function.*;
public class ParallelStreamTest {
static class IntGenerator implements Supplier<Integer> {
private int current = 0;
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