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Created January 5, 2018 16:29
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[WSL Remove Win Path in ZSH] Remove windows specific path from WSL environment in ZSHRC #wsl #environment #configuration
# Remove Windows paths to Ruby since it causes conflicts with npm/bower/etc.
PATH=$(echo :$PATH: | sed -e 's,:/mnt/c/tools/ruby22/bin:,:,g' -e 's/^://' -e 's/:$//')
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Rinat84 commented Sep 22, 2023

1st step - Disable Windows path on WSL
Option A: Add to wsl.conf (after Build 17093)

sudo nano /etc/wsl.conf

Then add

appendWindowsPath = false

then Ctrl+S then Ctrl+X then exit.

2nd step - Restart WSL
Option A:
Simple reenter WSL and test:

echo $PATH
Option B:
Run at PowerShell as Admin:

Restart-Service LxssManager
Option C:
Terminating WSL from PowerShell as Admin using

wslconfig /t Ubuntu

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