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O2 Script: PoC - View FluentSharp_BCL Embeded Icons.h2
//var topPanel = panel.add_Panel(true);
var topPanel = "PoC - View FluentSharp_BCL Embeded Icons".popupWindow(1000,700).add_Panel(true);
var toolStrip = topPanel.add_ToolStrip().layout_Flow();
var iconsMappings = typeof(FormImages).ctor().propertyValues_MappedBy_Name<Bitmap>();
foreach(var iconMapping in iconsMappings)
var name = iconMapping.Key;
var image= iconMapping.Value;
toolStrip.add_Button(name , image,()=> name.alert());
return toolStrip;
//using O2.Platform.BCL.O2_Views_ASCX
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