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O2 Script - Get Html transformations of CWE Html from Checkmarx WebService
var cxPortal = new CxPortalWebService();
var sessionId = "cxSessionId".o2Cache(
var user = "What user do you want to use".askUser();
var pwd = "What is the pwd for user {0}".format(user).askUser();
var credentials = new Credentials()
User = user,
Pass = pwd
var result = cxPortal.Login(credentials);
if (result.SessionId.valid())
return result.SessionId;
return result.SessionId;;
"Login Failed!!".alert("User Message");
return "login fail";
var checkMark_Data = "_CheckMark_Data".tempDir(false);
var queryQueryCollection = (CxQueryCollectionResponse)"CxQueryCollectionResponse".o2Cache(
"Loading data from GetQueryCollection (its about 2.5Mb".debug();
var queryCollectionFile = checkMark_Data.pathCombine("WS_GetQueryCollection.xml");
var response = cxPortal.GetQueryCollection(sessionId);
return queryCollectionFile.load<CxQueryCollectionResponse>();
var cweHtmlFolder = checkMark_Data.pathCombine("CweHtml").createFolder();
var uniqueIds = (from queryGroup in queryQueryCollection.QueryGroups
from query in queryGroup.Queries
select (int)query.Cwe).distinct();
var count=0;
foreach(var uniqueId in uniqueIds)
"[{0}/{1}] fetching Html for CWE: {2}".info(++count, uniqueIds.size(), uniqueId);
var response = cxPortal.GetQueryDescription(sessionId, uniqueId);
response.QueryDescription.saveAs(cweHtmlFolder.pathCombine(uniqueId + ".html"));
return "done";
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