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/sayraw {"text":"Want to reset the current minigame? ", "extra": [{"text":"Click here!", "clickEvent":{"action":"run_command", "value":"/scoreboard players set minigame_resetting 1"}}]}
"text": "Want to reset the current minigame? ",
"extra": [
"text": "Click here!",
"clickEvent": {
"action": "run_command",
"value": "/scoreboard players set minigame_resetting 1"

Custom GUI elements? That would be so epic if not a bit later. couch couch spoutcraft couch

That would let Translatable content from resource packs ... would be very cool for international mapmaking ...

Fuck that would be awesome...

This would be pretty swell.

Not only for within Minecraft but for Bukkit plugins; thank you for adding in these kind of features, for every small one there is a huge piece of potential is released into the server modding community, keeping plugins, servers and minigames fresh and interesting! ^_^

Alternative actions?

As the command is "/sayraw", does this mean the message is broadcast to all players on the server? Because if it can be broadcast to only a specific player, you could create some amazingly interactive NPC chat, admin control panels, etc.


            "text":"Have a cookie!",
                 "value":"/whisper @u I lied. Stop teasing the kids."

@aaeX So true !

  text: "Welcome to my store! What you wanna buy?  #0, #1 or #2?",
  keys: [{
    text: "Apples",
    clickEvent: {
      action: "run_command",
      shortcut: "a",
      value: "/scoreboard players set buy_apples 1"
    text: "oranges",
    clickEvent: {
      action: "run_command",
      shortcut: "o",
      value: "/scoreboard players set buy_oranges 1"
    text: "bananas",
    clickEvent: {
      action: "run_command",
      shortcut: "b",
      value: "/scoreboard players set buy_bananas 1"


/tellraw too, please!

what happens if chat moves?

if you making more things clickable by chat, can you fix the hitboxes on links as well?

Any chance of making chat tabbed? so that playerchat and game chat could possibly be seperated?

Another Idea: make it possible to not submit the command, but just enter it into the text box, so clicking whispers would add "/w playername "

Where's cancel button...

But this line of command is toooooooooooo long, can't put it into block 137...

Make it recursive please. It would be possible to make dialog systems.

/tellraw @p {
  "text": "- I need teleportation service",
  "clickEvent": {
  "action": "run_command",
  "value": "
    /tellraw @p
    {'text':'Choose your destination: ', 
      {'text':'Jungle ', 'clickEvent':{'action':'run_command', 'value':'/tp @p 0 70 0'}}, 
      {'text':'Desert ', 'clickEvent':{'action':'run_command', 'value':'/tp @p 10 70 10'}}
      {'text':'Village ', 'clickEvent':{'action':'run_command', 'value':'/tp @p 20 70 20'}}

Or add /powerblock command, so we can activate other command blocks within /tellraw.

There is a bug with the /tellraw, if you have a user click something in chat and run a command like the example dinnerbone used, it will run the command as if it was typed by the player, meaning that if the player can't use the command it will fail. So only admins would be able to interact with the tellraw.

Very good example!

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