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function generateStringByTemplate(arr){
// FIXME: This is a temporary solution. It may cause overflows.
// If you have an excellent way to do this, tell me.
main = ""
for (i of arr) {
z = ""
if (typeof i != "string") { // is i not a string?
if (Array.isArray(i))
z = i // assign a placeholder
throw new TypeError("indexed element is neither a string nor an array, got a(n) " + typeof i + "instead")
while (Array.isArray(z)) { // if z is (still) a array, index to the end using a while loop (FIXME)
z = z[Math.floor(Math.random() * z.length)] // get another (replacement) element
if (typeof z != "string" && !Array.isArray(z)) // do it have a vaild type?
throw new TypeError("randomly selected element in array z is neither a string nor an array, got a(n) " + typeof i + "instead")
z = i // just assign it to z
main += z
return main

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@Dobby233Liu Dobby233Liu commented Aug 8, 2020

	["Don't worry. ", ""],
	[["She","Her mom"],["He", "His dad"]], " ",
	["can", ["might", "may"], ["must", "have to"], "will"], " ",
	["call", ["call by phone to", "phone"]], " ",
	["you", "Jane", "John", ["Lily", "Lily's dad"]], "",
	[[" for it.", " for more info."], "."]
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