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Last active April 16, 2024 03:45
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A simple template

Project Title

Simple overview of use/purpose.


An in-depth paragraph about your project and overview of use.

Getting Started


  • Describe any prerequisites, libraries, OS version, etc., needed before installing program.
  • ex. Windows 10


  • How/where to download your program
  • Any modifications needed to be made to files/folders

Executing program

  • How to run the program
  • Step-by-step bullets
code blocks for commands


Any advise for common problems or issues.

command to run if program contains helper info


Contributors names and contact info

ex. Dominique Pizzie
ex. @DomPizzie

Version History


This project is licensed under the [NAME HERE] License - see the file for details


Inspiration, code snippets, etc.

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thank you so much, it was really helpfull

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Thanks you so much!!

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Thanks for the effort!
Awesome work.

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Thanks, this is awesome!

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AnneNK commented Dec 2, 2022

This is a very good template when one is starting out or for practice.

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JusOde commented Dec 2, 2022

Guys am new here, kindly anyone willing to help me catch up with writing a readme file?

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YousefIbrahimismail commented Dec 2, 2022

Hi guys, inspired by Dom and other great members of the open-source community.

Appreciate you taking the time to check my Project-README-Template.


Thank you.

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Thank you

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Thank you!

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Ernakh commented Feb 8, 2023

Thank you! =)

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That's so helpful, thnx a lot!

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Really nice, simple template! Thanks a lot!

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Trivoz commented Mar 29, 2023


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Thank you, simple and easy, exactly what I needed.

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Hey90n commented May 12, 2023

How can i add this code to a mod?

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Hey90n commented May 12, 2023

And where do i have to put this file and what file?

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Thanks mate!

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Thank you @DomPizzie. I was curious if such a standard existed and this is a great one! ;)

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oxynatOr commented Jul 1, 2023

<3 thats a very fair point to start!

thanks a lot!

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Template Looking Good

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jseahos commented Nov 16, 2023


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prasgop commented Feb 26, 2024


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