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A simple template

Project Title

Simple overview of use/purpose.


An in-depth paragraph about your project and overview of use.

Getting Started


  • Describe any prerequisites, libraries, OS version, etc., needed before installing program.
  • ex. Windows 10


  • How/where to download your program
  • Any modifications needed to be made to files/folders

Executing program

  • How to run the program
  • Step-by-step bullets
code blocks for commands


Any advise for common problems or issues.

command to run if program contains helper info


Contributors names and contact info

ex. Dominique Pizzie
ex. @DomPizzie

Version History


This project is licensed under the [NAME HERE] License - see the file for details


Inspiration, code snippets, etc.

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maplesyrupman commented Jan 1, 2022

Gonna use this to write my READMEs when applying for my first job. Simple yet effective, you're a legend for providing this reference

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Brendan-A-Wilson commented Jan 12, 2022

Thanks for this, it's very helpful.

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kinaneb commented Jan 28, 2022

thank you

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johanmcollazos commented Jan 29, 2022


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TracieDiepBautista commented Feb 16, 2022

Great! Thanks for sharing.

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khaledrakhisi commented Mar 20, 2022

Phenomenal! much appreciated 🍕

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ghhyc commented Mar 23, 2022

Thank you for sharing.

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deep-69bits commented Apr 4, 2022


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devinsylvester commented Apr 11, 2022

So helpful!

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jaikt commented Apr 15, 2022

soo useful, thq

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opeolluwa commented Apr 25, 2022

Thank you!
I used the template in a CLI project for automating creation of Node.js server application thunderstorm. It's also available on NPM

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fourthborngoose commented Apr 27, 2022

Thank You.

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mthabafo commented May 8, 2022

Thank you

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Quantum-Impulse commented Jun 12, 2022

Thank you, you a real one ( : 👍

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zhangyl334 commented Jun 21, 2022

Thanks very much!

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ikranjec99 commented Jun 22, 2022

Thank you, finally found great template for my projects 👍

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EMStokely commented Jul 2, 2022

Thanks. You are the first person to post a normal file on GitHub. lol crazy

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ravshan77 commented Jul 7, 2022

thank you!

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ngandetchuosi commented Jul 24, 2022

Thank you!

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saidmtanzania commented Aug 3, 2022

Thank you!

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nxxvaa commented Aug 4, 2022

Thank You!

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HasanMammadov commented Sep 29, 2022

thank you so much, it was really helpfull

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Brendon-Schultz commented Oct 9, 2022

Thank you!!!

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Mihirsur007 commented Oct 13, 2022


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dimazivan commented Oct 20, 2022

Thanks you so much!!

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YousefIbrahimismail commented Oct 24, 2022

Thanks for the effort!
Awesome work.

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Danlinlin commented Oct 29, 2022


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ChukwudiEkweani commented Nov 20, 2022

Thanks, this is awesome!

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AnneNK commented Dec 2, 2022

This is a very good template when one is starting out or for practice.

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JusOde commented Dec 2, 2022

Guys am new here, kindly anyone willing to help me catch up with writing a readme file?

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